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8 Things: My Blossoming New Year

Posted on January 1, 2011 - Filed Under 8Things, journaling, learning, life, Photography, thoughts | 3 Comments

I am writing my own 8 things list this week… because it is the new year, and this isn’t about resolutions, but about celebrating what I have accomplished, and exploring what I want to make of my life over the next year. I joined 43things tonight, and started my list… not sure how I will […]

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The Art of Presence

Posted on March 9, 2010 - Filed Under journaling, learning, Photography | 1 Comment

I wish I had a voice every day. A voice to paint what goes on for me along the moments of my life as I ride along. I have a voice in so many venues but here… and that isn’t anyone’s fault but mine. Writing presents all kinds of blocks. I am working HARD to […]

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