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The Facilitators

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adam Adam Miller is currently a Master’s in Counseling Student at the University of Central Florida in Orlando. Adam has dedicating his life to helping people by entering the counseling field and feels an extreme satisfaction in helping others uncover their inner artist. Adam is passionate about living a positive lifestyle and has opened the floodgates of that positivity with the Artist Way Workshops over the last two years. His flow of Creativity provided by the Universe arrives in many artistic forms, but Adam is most passionate about music. In the past year, Adam has used music to fuel his art-forms by transferring that energy into expressions in painting, photography, and art journalism.
amanda Amanda Robinson is currently a mental health therapist by day and artist by night. “Creativity flows through my veins always, filling my working life with energy. I have been a student of this course for over two years, and it has allowed me to realize my creative potential. I have been able to learn how to incorporate it into both my daily life at work and in my personal life. I contiue to learn and grow on my creative journey and I look forward to helping you in your journey as an facilitator of creative soulcare.”
evelyn Evelyn is an artist, writer, photographer, traveler, and Computer Technology Consultant. She maintains  a Registered Marriage & Family Therapist Intern License, and carries a history as an Educator (both adult & children) and formerly a Program Director of a small Medical Career College. She has a passion for all things art  rediscovered throughout a three year process of Artist Way classes and two consecutive years of a 365 Photography Diptych Blog; returning to painting, art journalism, and play. She has been teaching Artist Way (Creative Soulcare) for several years, and continues classes for those interested in the Tampa Bay /Asheville, NC areas.

Kelly Caniglia is currently a Master’s in Counseling Student at Rollins College in Winter Park. Kelly has avidly pursued different avenues of self awareness and personal growth, and Creative Soulcare is one of the avenues she feels most passionate about. Her first encounters with the Artist Way was several years ago in Los Angeles where she began self study, followed by a continual study in a group setting here in Orlando. Kelly has a love of all art forms, but is most adoring of theatre, music, dance, and art journaling. She is very excited to be given the opportunity to lead this group and travel this journey with other fellow artists.

“Life isn’t about finding yourself, it’s about creating yourself.”


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