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The Aftermath- Hurricane Francis

Posted on September 9, 2004 - Filed Under self reflect | Comments Off on The Aftermath- Hurricane Francis

We can hardly claim that we have had it bad. I guess it is all relative, and I see things from within my bubble of reality. I know others have suffered much worse, many are displaced and exhausted, wishing for the comforts we all take for granted. Yet, the emotional strain of this one was […]

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Frances- 9/2 LOD

Posted on September 2, 2004 - Filed Under self reflect | Comments Off on Frances- 9/2 LOD

Yes we are worried. yes we are contemplating what to do. I hate this kind of stuff. My cookie face is on his way to NY so I know he will be fine, but my fear for our well-being keeps me quite busy. For a Thursday- a day before inclement weather, it is beautiful outside- […]

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