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Who am I?

Posted on May 24, 2011 - Filed Under counselor, Evelyn, FAQ, fear | 1 Comment

I bumped into a post by The Fluent Self, a wonderful post that got me thinking about my own crazy stuckness. I am in a place where the world is pushing me to change my path to making money. As much as I grit my teeth about what I can do, and dig my heals […]

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How Simple…

Posted on August 16, 2010 - Filed Under breathe, creatures, Evelyn, feelings, marriage | Comments Off on How Simple…

“How simple it is to see that we can only be happy now, and that there will never be a time when it is not now.” ~ Gerald Jampolsky Last Tuesday was a day full of movement for me… between wrapping up a chapter of my life, and literally starting a new one, I found […]

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I want to cut it all off…

Posted on June 30, 2010 - Filed Under Evelyn, fear, feelings, healing | 5 Comments

I have lost another round of hair… and I am feeling completely defeated. I never imagined I would feel this kind of distress over my hair… Where did I get the idea that my hair makes me a woman? I notice every person with thinning hair and wonder what THEY are feeling about it. Are […]

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