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Who’s going to fix your roof?

Posted on September 21, 2016 - Filed Under Uncategorized

img_0229So, lets just put it this way…Your roof is leaking. Its leaking in ways that are ruining everything you have worked hard for. Every time it rains, it literally “pours.” You look at that roof, and desperate, some roofers show up. You look at them. Sure, they aren’t a five star roofer on Yelp, but they have experience. You are worried about getting ripped off, because its all a mixed bag, but they have experience, the tools, the supplies. Experience they show youeven though, there are things you are not sure about, or have confidence in… but its your roof. It is leaking badly. You can’t wait 4 years more…

A drunken monkey shows up. He offers to fix your roof. He’s “different.” Got a few quirks, says some rough things, spits on your neighbor while walking up to your front porch. Internally, you think, “what a buffoon!” But the drunken monkey says, “Hey, I can do this! I’m a pro at gathering bananas! Look at the load I have! And seriously, your roof will be great! See that tree in your yard? Yeah, that big one whose branches started this mess on your roof? Yeah, I’ll get that trimmed up and, you know what, I can get your neighbor to pay for it!”

“Wait!” You think, “My neighbor?”

“Yeah, I got experience with that…” (getting other people to pay for the work…?)

You listen. The guys got lots of bananas for sure. Tons. His kids love him, because those bananas are readily available, despite a reputation of paying nothing for bananas but getting them from the backs of other’s hard work. If his kids love him, he’s got to be a good monkey, right? Getting others to pay for it… Business experience. Whatever, right, this guy is different? He can totally fix your roof, right? He speaks his mind. He’ll get that tree handled.

He points at your tree, spitting at the neighbor on the other side of your property and tossing him the finger. “Yeah, he doesn’t know it yet, but we will make him pay for it. In fact, you should be pissed. This problem is all about what your neighbors are doing! But trust me, your new roof will be great! But it wouldn’t be that way if it weren’t for your neighbors! Don’t worry, we will make that roof great again. I know more about roofing than any of those guys with years of experience…”

Your roof is fucking leaking. Who are you going to hire? Really?

Politics are unavoidable in my world right now. I have never in my life been more twisted up by our country as I have been during this election. I am BLOWN by hearing people say they are voting for DJT because he is “different.” OR not voting at all, or writing something in. For the love of God, do you trust a drunken monkey with your roof? Other countries, other people are being spit on right now, and you trust a drunken monkey?

(Gratefully stating the Sprint guy at the Clearwater Mall needs credit for our drunken monkey talk today – which launched me into this expanded and transformed analogy… Brilliant.) NOW PLEASE… GO VOTE!


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