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The Blue

Posted on August 27, 2015 - Filed Under 2015, adventure

I could feel Asheville before I even knew how close I was. A deep quiet breath and a weightless, sort of sinking, relaxed feeling in my body as my dad’s little car buzzed up and over hills and mountains. There is an undercurrent of safety in the arms of the earthy people who live here, and the air itself is cool and easy, hugging my skin at just the right temperature and pressure.

Our first venture was a picnic on top of the Blue Ridge Highway, overlooking the illuminated clouds of sunset, and the misty layers of mountain after mountain. Dani, as I described on our way back, with windows down and the smells of farms and trees moving through the car, is a profoundly sensory creature. She has this delicious gift of bringing to our consciousness the flavors in the air and the feel of the things around us. I relate to this so well, but am always in awe around her constant awareness and mindfulness. “Oh, do you smell that? That sweet earthiness…” and I am magically present, deeply drawing in the experience like an ice cream tasting at my favorite ice cream shop. This is delightful to me, as I love this quality about myself, and yet find myself disconnected from it often in the movement of daily life. I appreciate when I reintegrate rolling in the sensory world like a dog on grass.

And so, I asked if I could sleep on the porch. Layers of padding were collected. I curled up under the midnight sky. Every time I opened my eyes during the night I was met with another vision of clouds and stars, a changing landscape, including a white rabbit with starlit eyes, and an entourage of faces all laughing and enjoying my bundled self, cocooned in a rough weather sleeping bag.

Stirring under the warming sky this morning, I am filled with the sounds of the Blue Ridge Mountains. I was reminded how loud nature is, as the hidden creatures sang their lullabies throughout the night, only to build to a crescendo with the start of early birds seeking breakfast. The morning dew rested on my nose that peeped out from blankets and pillows. The air crisp and cool and cleansing. Quite the adventure on a little raised porch at the home of dear, loving friends, and I am so grateful they are the kind of people who appreciate sleeping outdoors, and mindful hugs, coffee and laughter. Gratitude in the Blue.


One Response to “The Blue”

  1. Dani on August 27th, 2015 12:15 pm

    I’m honored to have been mentioned in your poetic visions and explanations. Even more honored to have been seen by you and chosen by your spirit to share in our surroundings so similarly. You are such a delightful welcome to our fur ridden home. You are loved, seen and appreciated in your sharing of all things outdoors, mindful hugging, laughter and the necessity of coffee. I wish you boundless joy as your adventure through land and soul continues as well as deep, comforting rest in the multitude of wind embraces you may encounter. Thank you for sharing a taste of your journey with me.