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Personal Statement

Posted on February 27, 2010 - Filed Under | Comments Off on Personal Statement

I believe that what I present to the world, and my sense of purpose, begins with me. Every action and interaction I experience in life provides opportunity for growth, learning, and change. Through my actions, my words, and my choices I have opportunity to plant seeds towards the growth, sense of belonging, and development of others. Therefore, I cultivate in myself positive intention, wisdom, and a sense of purpose, seeking transformation through the development of my personal truths and the evolution of my innate intuition. I maintain a strong personal conviction in the principles of integrity, honesty, courage, and altruism. I work towards having a positive impact on the world and of those whose path intersects or interweaves with my own. I experience life as a collaborative effort with individuals, partners, families or other systems, inspiring growth towards positive self fulfillment and esteem, remembering that I can not change others, but only plant the seeds; in doing so, I may never see the final results of my work, but rather hope that the resulting blossoms carry seeds of positive influence and opportunity into the world just the same.

I have also come to know that every being who comes into my own life plants seeds within me, seeds of opportunity for self discovery, reflection, and connection. Every being has an impact on the way I live my life that day, on who I am and the direction I take. Every being is important in my life, if only for a moment in time, because that moment has potential for having a life changing impact, even if not evident in that specific sliver of space and time. Therefore, I am working to be more conscious of my life in the here and now, every day, and find gratitude for all the gifts and connections.


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