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Frances- 9/2 LOD

Posted on September 2, 2004 - Filed Under self reflect

Yes we are worried. yes we are contemplating what to do. I hate this kind of stuff. My cookie face is on his way to NY so I know he will be fine, but my fear for our well-being keeps me quite busy. For a Thursday- a day before inclement weather, it is beautiful outside- no wonder so many died in the late 1800 early 1900’s- they had NO WAY to know what was to come and therefore couldn’t prepare. Meanwhile, we don’t know what more we can do to prepare but run. With Mike and Alba out here (Ft Lauderdale), expressing concern, it looks like we may hold out here (Orlando) and have them stay with us. I pray that the powers that be know how much we can handle and protect our little home well!! I don’t like fear.

LOD– Fear is ugly and based on the unknown- even with the known looming over us, fear still survives based on the lack of control that we have. I hope my fear doesn’t eat a hole into my stomach. Honestly, this fear is a lot like the fear I had AFTER 9/11- different scene but the same nervous uncertainty. I don’t like it.

Whatever happens- My family knows how much I love them- life is short and unpredicatable- hopefully we will come out the other end intact! I do know that there is strength in numbers, so being together helps us brave things a bit better.


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