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Poetry in February

Posted on February 24, 2015 - Filed Under imagery, poetry

IMG_7977this is the way we type away our days and lives
we fly
we land
we talk
we breathe
and somewhere along the way a story is created

it can encompass the horrific
the endless days of nothing
the twisted thread of lives
unravelled like an umbilical cord
tied to our center
severed and bleeding
full and nourishing
messy and empty

it can unfold in the mist of sandy days
breezy ignorance
selfless meanderings
the passing of twitterings and electronic lives
oblivious to the tender souls begging to be seen
beyond the screen
the tear of glass and solvency of images

it fills
it empties
it can be the skin
it can the bone
it can be the hairless amniotic state of quiet
it can be the shadows of trees at dawn
a freshly painted amber wall
a broken paintbrush of dried cerulean bristles

and somewhere in the daybreak of the story
words tumble and smudge along a page

~ E


One Response to “Poetry in February”

  1. mamitaruby on February 25th, 2015 6:21 pm

    So tender and deep. You are quite a poet my niña hermosa. Pito and I love it.