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Posted on May 7, 2011 - Filed Under Art of Noticing

I wake each morning – often to the calls of the large Heron’s on the modest lake outside. My favorite time is the morning light that makes the lake blue, with a slight mist evaporating off the top. This morning, I opened the windows for a brief time to let in some air and take in what I am seeing. I seem unable to capture what I notice on my camera – but the air smells fresh and new, the sounds limited to the slight meanderings of finicky squirrels and birds making their way around for breakfast. Honestly, the first thing I often see is the end of my dachshunds nose as he reminds me it is time to make his morning run of puddle jumping and grass watering. I also spend this time curled up with my journal for my morning pages. Outside is my coffee – that first infusion of energy as I start my day.


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