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Posted on May 6, 2011 - Filed Under self reflect

I loved this assignment, as I had to walk the dog, and since dogs are on zen time – especially when checking pee-mail and leaving packages, I decided to go on zen time as well and really notice. This is one of my favorite things TO NOTICE almost daily, and today I was mindful of really observing both my environment and myself in that environment. What I discovered was that the scent of magnolias are evident almost two units from the tree. That the morning shadows are playful. That there are at least 3 different wind-chimes moving on a three driveway stretch, and they make lots of musical white noise. I noticed just how much I love the sound of the wind through the oak trees, and that the sun cups my cheeks in his hands if I look upward. I appreciate the way my neighbors have beautified our little street with all kinds of colorful and delicate flowers. I walk with a gleeful step along my street, I feel content in a way that draws a smile easily; I smile at the grass, at the blackbirds that jump from bird-feeder to bench and back, at the dragonflies that warm themselves, at the puddle of water that reflects a cloud-filled sky, at the dried worms that the dog tries to roll in (ok, maybe I frown at them – they sure make the dog stink when he is successful), and I smile simply because I am outside, and the air feels really good on me during that brisk, early-morning, grassy-damp, walking of the dog type day. Safe, conversant, vivid.


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