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Posted on May 5, 2011 - Filed Under self reflect

The kitchen table most boldly identifies as the space where I gather with friends to do art, play games, and eat. It represents a part of me that was longing for my own voice after the divorce, my first purchase as I purged the things I no longer wanted. It is old, and carries stories I may never know, and is slowly blessed with new stories as I gather with others. I feel, in the space, cared for, supported, encouraged. I love the way the chairs hold me, the wood grain under peeling varnish, the lines of an era that was simple and earthy. I love what I create here. I love that it is placed so I can sit and still look out into the world at the lake, the birds, the trees, from deep within my home. I am grateful for all that it supports; my meals, my art, my friends, my elbows, my modes of play.


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