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Posted on May 3, 2011 - Filed Under Art of Noticing

This space, I just happened to cleanse tonight, in hope of bringing back a sense of cocooned energy, safe and warm. There is solitude here for me, and the faint reminder of how this space has been shared and what I most miss about that sharing and connection. It also provides me a place to restore myself, a place to reground myself before my feet even move on the earth each day. It is filled with the things I most love, a spot for doing art, a shelf of precious books, all my little gifts the earth has provided me on my walks and journeys – sea shells, leafs, sticks, rocks, stones, and crystals,  little remnants of cloth, my branches that hold jewelry, and treasures past. My bed a small oasis of blankets and pillows that cradle me, the air a mixture of the dense humidity of florida, the smell of burnt sage, and a few essential oils. And, in the dark, the glow of the few electronics that wait patiently for my attention. I feel quiet here, quiet, safe, open. It is sacred space, filled with me.

I am aware of things in this space that are not mine, and I sometimes want to move them out, however they stay, perhaps to acknowledge that they are part of someone whom I love, and at times miss, and no longer hold in this space. My energy is clearer here just like this, with my own arrangements, my choices, my music and art, candles lit in self care.  I feel grateful in noticing… grateful for this sacred safe space.


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