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Posted on May 2, 2011 - Filed Under Art of Noticing

I am doing 30 Days of Noticing with Magpie-Girl and a segment of her Soulcare Community. Each day there is an activity to attend to and appreciate aspects of our lives. I have decided to share my journaling on the topics as they arise during the week.

Day 1 – Ah, been practicing noticing since living back on my own after the heart-break and relief of divorce… and coming just to this spot, in front of my little laptop, perched warmly on my lap, the screen illuminating me, my fingers, a small space around me in the dark, I notice both the sense of connection I feel, as well as the loneliness. It’s warmth a bit hotter than the touch of another person, yet rigid and empty. The ongoing whispered hiss it makes, sort of like a distance ocean wave, rolling on the fluctuations of data that move through it all day. I feel grateful, as it is the keeper of all the images of my life the last few years, and I feel grateful that it keeps me connected with family. I love the vibrancy of color, both on the skin I have put on it, as well as the images I chose for the background, and I recognize the attachment I feel to it, the way it serves as a companion to my creativity and self expression, a life-line of sorts, to keep me in the flow of doing. It houses secrets, and data, schedules and contacts, and in ways is an extension of me. I see where my fingertips have worn away at letters, and small shiny spots indicate where my fingers most frequently play on the keyboard. Right now there isn’t a thing to change. I simply feel appreciative for this little brilliant nugget of technology warming my lap.


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