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Posted on February 10, 2010 - Filed Under self reflect

It is now a quiet morning… I haven’t had a lot of those in the last few weeks – instead it has been a mad rush to get where I need to go, and bring what I need to bring, and do what I need to do. With the cancellation of one appt, and my mom and pup off to Pito’s, I have a moment to just sit before starting my day. I haven’t written my morning pages in days now. It seems I am running the moment I pop out of bed, and morning pages slow me down. Is that so bad?  I expect not.

Yesterday’s rains blew through and I spent the early afternoon with a good friend, making conversation and reconnecting with a soul sister after months of not seeing her. It fills me, makes me feel more grounded, less alone because she is one of the few who truly get me and don’t have to fix a thing. I let the sound of the ocean waves clean out my ears, and the sand soften my feet, and the birds remind me that we all stick together in this journey, what ever way we face, there are always others facing the same way.

Moments like these are like little rebirths. I find inspiration and hope, love and compassion, acceptance and peace… all in a walk, in a sip of my Starbucks, in the kiss of my friend. I know the universe is balanced, and it has me just where I need to be… and just as we hopped back into the car after our 2 hour walk, the rains soon followed to smooth out our paths and cleanse away any pieces left on the sand.


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