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Battle for Chocolate

Posted on October 14, 2009 - Filed Under self reflect

The angel on my left and the demon on my right are always fighting over chocolate cake…. and even if it isn't chocolate cake, if it even has any letters in it that are found in chocolate cake, it becomes a battle.

Last week, when faced with a Cafe Mocha Latte (note the C, the Ocha, and the tempting latte: CHOCOLATTE) little sweet angel pleaded, "Don't do it! You know the sugar messes you up. They don't even have SUGAR FREE Chocolate like Peet's in San Francisco… You can't get away with it!" Demon laughed.

Angel again, dancing with pointed toe, desperate for my attention as I took in deep breaths of the starbuckaroma reminded me, "But your ass – it doesn't help any of it! And the sugar high! Don't you know chocolate gives you zits?" Demon waved the little fan-like spread at the end of his tail, up towards my nostrils, delighted that the smell of Mocha was so easy to move.

Angel waivered, "Evelyn, I KNOW you can find love in other places!"

The Demon, grinning handsomely, his soft sultry voice simply bellowed, "Choawwww-co-late…" then he smacked his lips together.

Demon always wins on that one. I gotta let him win on the small stuff so I can keep straight on the BIG stuff!


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