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Posted on August 30, 2009 - Filed Under self reflect

I’m curled up in bed early this California morning feeling the cool air on my skin and that wonderful cozy feeling under blankets and a feather comforter. I’ve got my floofy socks on, and all is quiet. The morning sun has just started making his appearance and the cloudless sky is warming up.

Yesterday was absolutely exhausting but at least I am determined. I flew 8 hours, and between getting up (4:30am EST) and getting to bed in California (1:40a EST) I had been up 21 hours on 4 hours sleep. Landing in Oakland I had an hour wait for my rental and an additional 4.5 hour drive to Caspar, stopping in Santa Rosa to load up on Costco food (and a cheap date – I sampled like a mad woman) then Trader Joes for tea and dish soap. By the time I hit the winding roads I had run out of Click and Clack’s NPR Car Talk and turned on my Evelyn’s Mix on my iTouch.

The drive is stunning, wholloping hills of wineries hidden by patches of pine and other indigenous trees, then barren grassy hills from which sprout other low growing piney looking trees… more twists and another winery. The road sign said 55 MPH and I was stunned. I couldn’t fathom how anyone could maintain that speed with such sharp turns every 1/4 mile. Certainly kept me awake, and then I hit the redwoods.
I was enveloped with the pulsating rich aroma of the redwoods. A beautiful blend of cool earth and redwood cedar that slid up against my skin and hair so tenderly that I found myself taking deep sensory breaths, and with each exhale releasing waves of tears that dribbled down my cheeks. There is something almost womb-like about being in the dark earthy energy of the redwoods, so safe and grounding. I hadn’t smelled that since our last camping trip to the redwoods years and years ago. I pulled over, rolling down my windows and opening the sunroof so that I could simply consume that air like a starving child. I didn’t, however, step out of the car, as I was afraid that I might wander into that forest and find a soft place to lay in, staring up at the tops of the trees, and drift off into another world full of soft sleep and dreams… and that would mean I would not arrive where I needed to be.

Once I’d cleared my eyes I continued the winding trek through the redwoods until I followed a river and emerged on the other side greeted by a slightly foggy coastline. The ocean in the distance could be seen crashing along towering islands and soft flat beaches.By far, California coastline is one of the most beautiful landscapes in the United States. This small adventure was stunning.


2 Responses to “Redwoods”

  1. Anonymous on August 31st, 2009 1:09 am

    While reading your mindful, I drifted into that forest right along with you. That sublime experience cannot be forgotten.
    The pictures are so beautiful! I cannot wait to see that place. I am also overwhelmed by the fact that you could drive that long after such a long flight. I am glad you are there to rest, laugh, and enjoy Monica and Michael.
    Pito told me you and Monica talked for about an hour. Keep doing what is fun,

  2. PiTo on August 31st, 2009 12:29 pm

    Ho-hum, just another AWESOME blog entry! I am looking forward to my visit there. What I really want to do is a Jaguar road trip there.
    Love you, and keep safe.