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Yeah – The dog likes it!

Posted on July 14, 2009 - Filed Under self reflect

So, part of my new BIKE investment was making sure I had a basket for groceries and/or the dog. On the way home we stopped at Publix and when Gary asked if I wanted to ride my bike the rest of the way there was no hesitation. I guess this is as close to a motorcycle as I will get. So, I rode the 3.1 miles from Publix in roughly 20-25 minutes, grunting through the steep hill up, and arrived safely at home, a bit winded from being out of practice.

OH – did I mention it runs on Apples and Bananas?

My new Silver Blue Raleigh comfort bike is just that, comfortable. As much as my other hybrid bike was enjoyable, I carried a lot of tension in my shoulders from riding – and as far as I can see, who needs more of it. The muscles in my back are like rubber bands – don’t need them any tighter.

The next test was to make sure the dog would both FIT and STAY in the basket. Honestly, I wasn’t sure what he would do, but he often just puts up with whatever we do to him, so this was one of those deals. See his face… not sure if that is a smile or grimace. He was sitting on his tail, so if it was moving, I wouldn’t know. He didn’t whine. I think he needs a helmet and glasses to match me. He seemed to really enjoy going straight. Making turns was a bit disorienting, but I am sure if we keep it up he will get used to it.

[Gizmo, “Oh THANK YOU for stopping this damned thing!!”]


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