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Yellow Rubbers

Posted on July 12, 2009 - Filed Under self reflect

He approached guarded at first, the muscles of his long neck flaunting his agility. He was unsure of our relationship. His eyes carefully engaged mine. I was stunned by his boldness. He advanced again, the edges of waves washing over his trim legs. Then, backing off with his assuming attitude, he instead turned his head. I watched as his eyes dance along the sand, concentrating on the glimmer of shells and sand as they rolled and dragged back towards the ocean with each pulling wave. He pretended not to notice me. I however, breathless by his beauty and gait, sat locked in eagerness. “Approach,” my eyes pleaded, “come closer.” He wore yellow rubber shoes to keep his feet dry, a mane of white plumes off the back of his head, white feathers draped over his slim figure, his dark legs slender and graceful. Then, with the turn of the winds and the interruption of children, he was gone…


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