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Parking Garage

Posted on July 10, 2009 - Filed Under self reflect

That is where I am.
Sitting in a parking garage.
Gazing out glass walls
The meter ticks as I rack up time.
Curiously I can’t decide whether to pull out or stay parked.
What am I parked for?

What will or can change in the realm of a parking garage?
I can switch spots
Move up or down a level.
I still know I am in a parking garage.

I can back in
I can take up two spaces.
I can leave my headlights on, wait for the battery to die.
I can leave the engine running and stare through the gaps as the trees wave away at the clouds that pass.
I can sit on the bumper and watch a disturbing concrete drama between ants and a dying beetle
I can lay on the hood with my legs on the windshield and listen to the rumble of cars screaming down the ramps
Twisting turns to one static point
Tornadoes full of breezes and exhaust
Ultimately, I am still in the parking garage.

I sit quiet…
The world, bustling with horns and eagerness
Doing what it does, while I sit in this parking garage
I know there is more to do
There is more than staying parked.
There is more than staying parked?

There are signs that direct me:
Exit… More Parking … Stairs … Up … Down … Exit
I walk to the corner stairwell
It is either up, down, or jump
It has been equipped with proper fire control mechanisms and handrails.
A fireman’s hat embossed on brass – just turn and you are cleansed.
My life in this parking garage… quiet abeyance.


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