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Universe of Thought

Posted on May 24, 2009 - Filed Under self reflect

Words, they leak from me. They trickle from my pores as if I am steeped in a vast universe of language moving and shifting like a body of water. I struggle sometimes to gather them up, to find them and put them together, hold them just a moment before they slip from my mind and evaporate. Language, the constant description of human experience, so vast and changing, so fragile and encompassing, gathers at the tip of my skull and fills my mind like a warm stream of water. Sometimes, there are no words at all, and in the stillness of that moment, I exist, one connected to another, one linked and encapsulated part of existence, the breath of another, the splinter in the finger of a larger existence, or the drop of sweat leaking down the brow of humanity. I exist and at this moment, enjoy the splendor and moving flux of being.


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