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Emerging Conspicuous

Posted on May 18, 2009 - Filed Under self reflect

Orlando Fringe Festival was calling, so Gary and I attended an Adult Puppetry Event at the festival. Awesome event, and next year we will have to take it more seriously and attend much more of it. After the puppet show (One of Jim Henson’s Children performed a beautiful piece) we meandered up to the food and vendors and found the “Poetry Vending Machine” to whom I paid $5 to get a unique and specialized poem written just for me, born of a few prompts I offered.

My Title, “Emerging Conspicuous” and my prompts: blossom, breath, serendipity.

Curtis Meyer was my author, and after 20 minutes, when we returned for the poem, he stated that the printer had run out of ink, he would be willing to email it to me. This morning, when I still hadn’t gotten my poem, I was determined to track it down. I drove after work, through the rain, in my nice work clothes, and walked from the farthest end of the parking area to the Vending Machine, rain gathering at my ankles and between my toes, with only my dashboard-sun visor to protect me. My effort, however, only produced a disgruntled awareness that the Vending machine was currently out of order. I was, wet, and determined, and with a detectives whit (and charm) I found the number of the Vending Machine’s coordinator, and placed a call.

“Hi, this is Evelyn, and yesterday I paid $5 for a poem that was supposed to be emailed to me, and I got stood up!”

Tod was friendly, and laughing with the residual after-tones of a fun night, offered to track it down. Tod assured me I would have it by nights end. By the time I got home, in the rain, clothes and feet soaked, it was there from both Curtis and Tod. I wasn’t disappointed. The poem resonated with pieces of me I had been playing with in my own poetry and writing over the last few weeks…

Emerging Conspicuous
Copyright © 2009 By Curtis Meyer

She was a sunflower-
Not in the sense of a blossom bending
towards the blazing breath of dawn

She was the dawn

She was a beanstalk-
Casting a light where others cast shadow

She was a garden, a redwood

And some would say it was serendipitous
that she was molded by her environment

She’d tell you her growth was seasonal,
but it would be modesty:

Through storms and fire,
and all other forms of elements,
everyone knows

Every forest begins

with a single seed



One Response to “Emerging Conspicuous”

  1. Monica on May 18th, 2009 9:57 pm

    WOW! What an amazing poem. And so perfect for you. But HEY!! I’M THE SUNFLOWER AROUND HERE!