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How does she KNOW?

Posted on February 20, 2009 - Filed Under self reflect

Honestly, I have no idea how Monica intuitively knows where I am – yeah, yeah, we talk, but she just knows and finds such amazing stuff for me to roll around in and contemplate. Sometimes I feel like Gizmo, passed out on the black pavement on a crisp Florida winter morning, soaking up the sun and rolling in all things stinky (which to him are just heavenly) – ultimately enjoying something like this as if it was meant just for me. Monica is good at finding treasures like this, I think because her world is isolated from the burning hot stench of everyday media and endless dive-bombs of content that is at every turn. Simplicity – lack of TV and even PHONE provide for a quiet existence that allows her to find the right morsels to indulge in. Ultimately, I have been doing the same for myself. Piece by piece, tossing things that just don’t have meaning anymore (or donating) and simplifying my schedule as best I can. I have started my Artist space, and begun the process of morning pages, dissolving away at the blocks I have about my own creative genius. I am so looking forward to how I evolve! I LOVE my sister!



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