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I just had to

Posted on February 14, 2009 - Filed Under self reflect

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It brings out my inner child!

I am taking the Artists Way workshop – Friday was my first session. I am loving it and wish Monica could be here to take it too. As soon as I got hold of the book and started to read it I realized I want to do that too – teach the Artists Way. Just another direction to go with all the directions I seem to take. Anyhow, I am working on bringing out the artist in me that is awful shy and pretty reserved. I am thinking it will move the writers block as well, something that has kept me from blogging for some days now (0ther than my recent parenting fiasco). I know I got all kinds of ideas just sitting behind a little wall or two. The guy who does all this playful stuff is playful with himself (good god, the judgments I have about myself if I even LET myself go there!!! I have quite a Censor, bold and mean, the one who says I am not allowed to be a bohemian – the one who says being bohemian is just childish – EVEN THOUGH I WANT to be a Bohemian Goddess!!) So I decided to pay attention to that information and see what changes… I am plotting out an art space. More to come on that.


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