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Posted on October 21, 2008 - Filed Under self reflect

While saying my good byes and picking Gizmo up from Pito’s house, I happened to glance over at all the beautiful flowers my mother and Sam had planted at my Dad’s place. I sniffed a few when I suddenly discovered, curled snugly into one of the glorious flowers, a small frog, gently camouflaged and passively watching us in the evening light. I bugged my dad to grab his camera, since today was a teaching day and I have wandered away from home too often without my camera. Pito later emailed me the shot.

Curiously, I completely related to that little quiet creature. I myself feel “tucked in” with my head out, waiting for something to happen. I have planted my seeds, checked in with people, scouted out a few opportunities, and now I wait to see what what blossoms from that labor.

In the last few weeks I have revised my resume and begun searching for something that provides me with a bit more focus than the 3 jobs I have juggled since 2003. One evening, in an effort to give myself some “alone time” I happened to bump into Dr. Dwight McKinney, national speaker and founder (CEO) of Wealthy Teens Community Development Group. Through casual conversation we found an immediate connection in our passion to have a positive influence on the world, ultimately through education. I got excited about his program and began sharing the “township” concept I had in my first classroom, and ways in which it followed me through numerous grades. We exchanged contact information, took the last sips of our Starbucks, and went our way, agreeing to sit down again and discuss more about his organization. On a hunch, and very excited about the work Dwight was doing across the US, I sent him my resume. On our second meeting he had thoroughly researched my history via the web, and we carried on conversation about his vision for me in his organization. I can’t express how exciting this is. I asked, and the opportunities begin to show themselves. I am patiently waiting for added information, and a bit more negotiation, to see if this is a fit for both of us. I have a feeling it is.

What is wonderful is that I don’t think I will stray too far from teaching, I will be part of a program to influence children and young adults in a positive way, and I can put some of that creative energy and instinct for making information interesting and usable to work for the organization. So, I will wait here, in my little flower of hope, and see what comes my way.


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  1. Monica on October 22nd, 2008 12:40 pm

    Mami pointed out this morning that you seem to be encountering a lot of frogs lately. So of course I had to google “symbolic meaning of frog”. I found these two websites:



    I think it’s pretty spot-on in terms of where you’re at in your life right now.

    I hope you get a job offer! That sounds fabulous.