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And that’s a wrap!

Posted on August 24, 2008 - Filed Under self reflect

So my dad kept the kids for the weekend [after bowling] and Gary and I basically moseyed around doing stuff of little consequence. The highlights were a small treasure in the mail, bowling with friends [and getting the bumpers up for my turn,] watching Jack dance non-stop between efforts to heave a 10 pound ball down the alley, the ongoing chatter of friends, turning off my phone and computer most the weekend, and a trip to the Crocs store.
Actually, I think bowling was the funnest part. We invited some friends who live close, and despite Karen’s “healing processes” keeping her from bowling, she cheered us along like there was no tomorrow. Karen & Greg’s twins are affectionate, funny, and bright – they were fun to watch as they lunged those balls and supported each other’s efforts.

But most entertaining was Jack, a whirlwind of energy. I swear that if that kid had wings he would be like a mosquito – constantly bouncing off you, whomping you for attention, then harvesting some terror by buzzing around and letting you know he was there yet making it impossible for you to track his exact location. He was, absolutely, a can of Red Bull.

I wondered, “Does this kid get sore?” God knows my ass hurts after bowling, and the next day my arm hurts. He just danced, and danced, bugged us for his next turn, then danced, then squealed with delight when his turn came, then he lugged any ball between 8 and 12 pounds to the alley, and lunged it like a dead fish. That ball turtled it’s way down the alley with inertia made purely from Jack’s screams of encouragement. That kid can move mountains!

My sister sent me a mermaid ring in the mail. It was beautiful – but it only fit on two fingers, my wedding finger, and my pinky on my right hand. [Because my fingers are smaller than hers she thinks I have mini-fingers!] It is a reminder of our mermaid queendom, and really perfectly reflects my memories of dancing in the cool pool water of summer, making up stories and adventures.
The ring was perfect and so much like me.

I have more to share, but it is time for bed. Gizmo has done his tricks to try to get me to stay down stairs, but I must emerge from this weekend adventure with work resting on my shoulders.


2 Responses to “And that’s a wrap!”

  1. Whitney F. (ya sista) on August 25th, 2008 10:42 pm

    funny stuff!!!

  2. Monica on August 27th, 2008 3:55 pm

    I wish we could have been there for bowling night and Jack’s antics. I love the mermaid ring! I hope your finger doesn’t get claustrophobic from all the pretty rings.


    p.s. SEE?! I posted a comment, as promised!