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Posted on August 18, 2008 - Filed Under self reflect

JP has returned to the classroom, starting the 8th grade. The week leading up to the infamous return to school included the usual motherly duties of shopping for clothes (the kid had to be coaxed out of the dressing room with threats about taking away gaming opportunities or favorite foods), the purchase of school supplies (literally $150 worth of office stuff – all likely to be lost, consumed, or recycled within the first month of school), and the cutting of the mop for what I identify as the “man-do.” The mop conversation with the stylist went like this:

Stylist: “So, what do we want to do?” she looks at me.
Me: “Hmmm, he has all the great cowlicks, but they get unruly. Kid?” I look at kid.
Kid: *shrug*
Me: In my head, “Good LORD, doesn’t this kid care about styles or is he going to end up on Beauty and the Geek someday?” … to the stylist “That’s why we are giving him an official haircut, otherwise I can just BUZZ it all off like usual. Do something cool.”
Stylist (while swishing her hands through his mop): “Hmmm, yeah, he has quite a few cowlicks. Does he want a *** cut or a *** cut or maybe some ***’s?” she looks at me.
Me: “Well kid, you want what she said?” I look at kid.
Kid: *shrug* dejectedly looks at the door, roll of eyes, …grumpy brows quiver as he looks back at me.
Me: *sigh… shrug*
Stylist: “Alrighty then…”

The end result was great, and pictures had to be taken because god knows you can never do your hair the way the stylist does. Of course, when I asked him to stop looking so damn serious he gave me “Magneto,” an on going result of facial jousting. Justin complained about the hard-hat of gel on his hair most the day, informing me that I was out to torture him [OMG – he figured me out, gotta change the plan!] Frankly, he looked handsome, sophisticated, older, and ready to return to the droves of stinky pre-teen middle-schoolers. Justin had a whole new look. One week later, his hair looks like I simply gave him a buzz cut.

Justinator got a new CD of music, and has been impersonating Arnold Schwarzenegger for over a week. It has brought me stress relief to laugh at his goofiness. I guess he inherited his goof from me.

It sort of sucks that I have been so busy with papers the last few weeks that I didn’t get to report JP’s birthday party in a more timely manner. All I really got to do was take pictures and tweet a few of the horrors along the way. I put his birthday chant on my Picassa– we stuck 13 candles in a tin plate and had him blow them out. NO, I am not cheap! We took him to Dairy Queen for an Extreme Chocolate Blizzard – and they donated the proceeds to the Children’s Miracle Network. Later in the week we had a bowling party with his friends, which I REALLY enjoyed! No wonder why I loved hanging out with the boys in school – their sense of humor is fun, competitive, but still collective in nature. We had cake, and Justin blew out his only candle (1 candle for good luck). More pictures of the party and kids (not a lot).


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