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Posted on August 12, 2008 - Filed Under self reflect

I finally figured out what I want for my birthday, and it started with a student who stopped in after the mid-term to tell me to see Carol our Registrar. Carol has some little guys that need a home and apparently my hubby told her to “talk to the wife.” So, that is exactly what went down. She came and talked to me, and showed me Peanut.

I’ve felt bad for some time now that Gizmo is alone. Vicky [fairy godmother] encouraged me to get two pups when we got Gizmo, but timing and money were not in our favor, nor was the big man of the house. Now, I can see that Gizmo could use the energy of a housemate. So, the invitation simply made my heart jump, especially since Carol informed me that he was their favorite; loving, smart, and already trying to copy his mama’s tricks at 3 months of age. She has been working on house training and all the temptations just poured from her lips. I never imagined I would love having pets as much as I do. So the conversation went like this:

“Hey,” I call from the cell phone, “I figured out what I want for my birthday!”
“Really,” says hubby, “What do you want?”
“A Peanut!”
“Uh, just one peanut? Not a whole lot of them?”
“No,” I say, coyly, “This one wags it’s tail, and he is cute, and Carol said he needed a home.”
“Ugh, WHAT? Another DOG?”
“No, it’s a Peanut Pup!”

Needless to say, the word was NO. But at least I get to post a picture for all eternity of the Birthday present I wanted but didn’t get. Only thing left to do was gorge myself on homemade tortizzas and watch movies, while Gimzo bonked me silly because he doesn’t have another puppy around to bonk instead. Yeah, so there is that…


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