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Blast 2 the Past

Posted on August 5, 2008 - Filed Under self reflect

Evelyn in 1954
Evelyn in 1968This is just TOO funny. I was visiting TxPoppet’s Canned Laughter website and caught a glimpse of a comment she made about a yearbook picture in a tweet. I followed along and ended up in a giggling fit. I noticed I look like Grandma with those horned-rimmed glasses! AND 1994 – I was already in my 2nd year of teaching elementary school. IN FACT, pregnant with Justin late that year! Thank god I didn’t have to go through the tedious puffing of bringing life into the world while sporting that 90’s do. I may have scared Justin into his first breaths!

Somehow I was sensible enough to avoid the “high-hair” of the 90’s, although my history with clothes will prove I wasn’t as coy with my threads. My sister and I talk about how I convinced her to go to school (80’s) with long underwear under her short skirt – saying it was in fashion (as were leg warmers, bright colors, and tube skirts). Unfortunately, Monica heard no end of it at school, and came home angry and distressed that I would embarrass her that way. That was the LAST TIME Monica took dressing advice from me, and I expect that is one of the most intelligent choices in regards to our relationship. I was all about unicorns, Pink Floyd, Jean Michel Jarre, drawing, and boys. To this day I have no clue what fits me the right way. I remain a Birkenstock girl: comfort and as little constriction as possible. Sometimes I fantasize that my family dragged me in to the “How Do I Look?” or “What Not To Wear” shows so that I might have SOMEBODY tell me how to wear stuff [note: I call clothes “stuff”] that is right for my body. Monica, with her belly dancing experience, has really emerged as my dressing diva. She is much braver than I am in expressing herself with clothes, and perhaps, more comfortable with her body than I could every find myself to be. Anyhow, it may have worked to be a 50’s girl – a bit more modest, although I think the panty-hose would have killed me.

Which one looks more natural to you?

PS. I got a neat reference on Canned Laughter about my 100th post! Got to be Blamous! [Blog-Famous] for just a tickle of time! If you want a really sentimental anecdote you have to read her post on Impressions.


One Response to “Blast 2 the Past”

  1. Monica on August 6th, 2008 4:03 pm

    That’s hilarious! When I saw the first picture, I thought you looked just like grandma. The second picture…Aunt Ruth. And the third? Thank GOD neither of us ever did the big hair thing.

    You actually were a bit of a fashionista in high school. You subscribed to GLAMOUR and worked at the mall, so you always had cool, stylish clothes. I always looked up to you regarding fashion, thus the reason why I trusted your advice about wearing the strawberry-flowered long johns to school under the long pink tunic sweater I got for Christmas. After that, I was pretty wary.

    ; )