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100th Blump [Abridged]

Posted on July 20, 2008 - Filed Under self reflect

7/20/08-I have been holding off on this post. I should have kept my mouth shut about having something unbelievable for post 100, especially since nothing unremarkable has really happened other than working over-time, dealing with some anger about the client who still hasn’t paid and debating whether I spend some time undoing SOME of the work that I never got paid for, “why should they benefit – it may be their business but it is my livelihood just the same.” The situation has been tremendously frustrating, however, when this week I called to follow up and I got a brief “It’s in the mail,” remark, then checked our box all week to discover it was just a lie, I really didn’t know what else to do besides call a lawyer. Either way I lose time, and I seep in the bowls of resentment and anger, seeing this as another situation in which someone decides they can step on my good will, intentions, and hard work…

I so hate feeling unappreciated!

8/1/08 – Well, as you can see, the eternal pressure I put on myself to write my 100th entry has left me, and this post, hanging by its underpants, writhing at the edge of a cliff of un-merciful expectation. Yeah, my sister wrote me early yesterday morning with the demand, “HEY…Where are my blog updates?! What happened? You were getting close to your 100th post!” No – this IS the 100th post, and it has sat for almost two damn long weeks. Since then my son has returned to his cozy place in our home, we’ve added a new device to the family activities list too fun to mention, and frankly, I have decided that I put way too much pressure on myself that I deserve to just carry on my blogging [I’ve missed it] as if the 100th post were nothing more than another day in the life of Evelyn. So, here goes, in all its blogging glory – a stream of stuff that has just been backed up since I stopped at 99.

My son returned, a blasted 5’10” and a busting size 13 adult MALE shoe – at the tender, vocally-bi-pitched age of 12. OK, so he will be 13 in a few days, but STILL, does his age HAVE to match his shoe size? I keep fussing that the local shoe store stops as 14, then we deal with special order shoes! He is also transforming, I can see how he is making sense of things, dealing with life in a different way, conversations aren’t punctuated with Pokemon or Runescape, but rather full of things that make him Justin. Mmmmm, I really have a neat, intelligent kid.

I finally got a f*cking check from the client who I have PROMISED myself [and I write it here so any of you can remind me when she calls all frustrated and sappy, asking for help…] to never work for her or her business again. Let them hire someone who charges almost twice my rate and doesn’t leave without getting paid. In fact I was so untrusting after this experience that I took that piece of paper DIRECTLY to their bank and cashed it, so I didn’t have to wait 3 days for it to clear, or for her to take me on another ride down the rabbit hole of excuses and lies. Yup – I have just a bit of anger about the misuse of my time lately, and anyone who would like to attempt to control my livelihood with money. I am just glad it is over and now I can simply never return her calls, or better, let her know why I am not interested in her business again. Actually, we had the glory of doing the same with a business a few months ago. We had a guy call us with such urgency to get something fixed on both his computer/website that Gary went out to give him a hand. He then promised to send a check after getting an official invoice, and after several requests for payment (and some promises that it was being handled), he decided to “line item” our invoice and select what he was and was not going to pay for. He simply “decided”, because he didn’t know how to do something, he should not be required to pay for it, despite the fact that Gary made a direct visit and completed everything as he asked. I let him know that his balance would remain outstanding. It as been 2 years, and he called us with the same urgency [forgetting that he had used us long ago]. I returned his call, and pleasantly stated that I had the solution he was seeking, however he had outstanding debt with us, and had not treated us well, so we were unable to be of assistance until he cleared his balance on our books AND he provided a retainer for our services. After a thoughtful pause he thanked us for our time, and I felt SO GOOD that I could make clear to him that his misuse of hard working individuals had smacked him on the ass on the way back around. I am hoping that same opportunity comes my way with her. So, enough blog time on that, but you can be sure that IF SHE CALLS I will have to document my response.

I had a dream this morning and awoke to an eerie feeling that one of my clients had died. In my dream I was trying to attend the funeral but had difficulty getting there. This is one of my favorite clients – who has stuck with me and treated me well for the entirety of my consulting career. I didn’t like that I had the dream, nor do I have ANY idea why it would have been part of my sleep-think.

And then – there are the pictures. My BRAND NEW Canon decided to break and I have been without my camera since the start of this post. Perhaps getting the camera back from repair helped to get my fingers moving. Regardless, I am updating the “World Up Close” slideshow with other new images, and adding a few I took with the OLD camera.

My blasted webcam on my new computer has refused to work, regardless of 4 hours with tech support and numerous forums with others dicussing the same issue yet THEY magically got it to work. Yeah, a tech who is stumped. Other than reformatting my computer and torturing myself, I decided I had to buy a clip on camera, and Gizmo helped me test it out.

I think that is enough dumping and downloading. I have officially BLUMPED (blog dumped)! Phew – thank god I got this one out of the way! So there is that.


2 Responses to “100th Blump [Abridged]”

  1. TX Poppet on August 2nd, 2008 10:49 am

    “Blumped”. Ooo yeah, I’m stealing that!
    Congratulations on your 100th post! Now I’m wondering if you will do the 100 Things About Me.

  2. Mamita Ruby on August 2nd, 2008 2:16 pm

    Great blog! You got it, girl. I am glad that it is over with the witch, bitch, oops! Well, the important thing is that in the middle of all that anger and frustration you find it in your heart the beauty you are and express it with your pictures of nature.
    JP is a remarkable treasure!. You must be so proud of that young man you and Gary are raising. Yes, he is very intelligent, and he knows it. Keep up the writing.
    love you, Nana