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Zen of Dog

Posted on July 13, 2008 - Filed Under self reflect

By the way, I am working on getting to my 100th Post – so be aware that this is post 97. Something amazing is going to happen on post 100 – stay tuned!

I HAVE to post a video of Gizmo and the laser pen. This dog is addicted – and I mean a full blown addict of chasing red laser lights. Once you start he does not let you alone until he has dropped over from an overdose of chasing excitement. Last night, after almost an hour of lasering – resulting in me being bored into a coma, I put down the laser and sat to write. There is a second video on my youtube page – but this will suffice.

One of the joys of having a pet is that you start to see the world differently. Gizmo KNOWS how to stop and smell the dead earth worms, and I have been carting my camera on our 10 minute excursions in order to sniff the world with my eyes in an unusual run of doggie-zen training. Often, my eagerness to get back to work is interrupted by an extended sniffing session, so I am trying to allot time for the adventure and reduce my protests when Gizmo takes to being on zen time.

Of course, my camera is around to capture the flowers I find on the way. I am less interested in smushed road frog, dry earth worm, and edible cat poop. The last few walks have produced this [these flowers are about an inch in size]:


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