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Tequila remedy

Posted on July 11, 2008 - Filed Under self reflect

My level of busy-ness is like a roller coaster. One moment I am coasting and the next I am screaming down a curved and steep path, feeling every gyration, though I think that it will be easier with my eyes shut and I a death grip on the safety bars. At the end of one of those days (the screaming ones) I feel like I have a hangover and found that it is now taking me almost 2 days to recuperate. I am not sure if it is the Adrenal Fatigue (dumb question, it likely is) or just that I am being sensitive. Ultimately I loath feeling run down and unfocused.

Yesterday was a back-to-back teaching day.I am warning you now that if this topic is of no interest – skip it. I am going to report the screaming ride of terror, blow by blow, more for the anticipated sentiment of it all when I can “look back and laugh.”

There you have it. A summer day of work in 2008. Gotta mark it in case I decide to look back upon all this blogging and expect to be amused.


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