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Leaf Fetish

Posted on July 4, 2008 - Filed Under self reflect

We have come to the conclusion that Gizmo has a leaf fetish. I don’t know if it is an ego thing with the dog (seeing that he is so small) or if leaves are just calling to him on his daily walks, but he HAS to Pee on at least ONE leaf if at all possible. Not little leaves, mind you, but either a big ass leaf (like a monster size maple leaf) or a clump of little leaves that LOOK like a big leaf. Additionally, if it is a single monster leaf it usually HAS to be crispy. Clumpy leaves can either be dry or still green. All this has been on my mind for some time, and when I tell people they think I am just silly. Yet, consistently, if I spot a big ass leaf, then it is likely Gizmo will also. And, it is not my imagination that he makes a bee-line to it, then water’s it lightly with golden pee. Even the pup-sitter once remarked, “Oh, and the leaves, what is with the LEAVES?” Uh huh, point made!

Now, today’s aim was not nearly as precise as we have seen in the past. BUT, I had to evidence this fact with a few pictures. Once he pees on one leaf, he usually doesn’t care much about doing it again, but TODAY was a double-header! Maybe he was making up for the fact that no big ass leaves could be found in the dark last night.

My husband teases me because I often lend a voice to what Gizmo is doing. I can’t help it; when he sits on my lap and stares into my eyes, he gives me mind-reading powers or something. I am fairly certain that I know what, precisely, he is saying [or I have seen too many Disney movies.] Either way, makes for an interesting ownership adventure.

Some of his favorite lines:
“What about me, What about me?”
“Hey, don’t think I don’t know that you have chicken on the counter, missy. This dog food is crap – throw me a piece already or I’ll just annoy you with my ‘poor-me’ death stare.”
[While piling up the toys around my feet] “What, you don’t like this one? Hold on, maybe this one? No, can’t get your attention with that one. WAIT, I got a really good one in the basket, I’ll get THAT one!”
“Oh yeah – the kids stinky underwear is just Fabulous! And you know you like chasing me around the house with them. Oh Yeah! Gotta rub around in this stuff, just too good!”

I am sad to say however, that in that sacred pee-pee time, he does not let me infiltrate his mind with talk. So, I am just beside myself annoyed I can’t figure out what he is thinking. Perhaps the leaves call to him with little “tinkle” songs, or he is like a ninja-pee pup, saying “Take that you rebel leaf. I’ll show you the wrath of Giz for falling out of that tree! ” Perhaps I need to pee on some big leaves to discover the true meaning of leaf-peeing.


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