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bAd oVaRy Month

Posted on June 30, 2008 - Filed Under self reflect

Yeah – that’s right. Pissy, ticked off, grumpy, scalding, seething, icky, poopy, crappy, @#?!*&$~ day today. It didn’t start that way. I woke up all cozy and friendly – woke the kid up, hugged him, made him breakfast, joked in the car, took him to the airport, stressed through 2 hours of lines, arrived at the gate JUST as they finished loading – and it went down-hill from there. I got ass-holes everywhere in my life once the clock flipped past 9:30am. I get home to find an email from a client – WHO STILL HAS NOT PAID HER BILL – saying she won’t until things work. Meanwhile, I have spent more time out there training her, trying to fix things that have nothing to do with me, consulted over 3 hours, discounted her invoices, worked for free, and EVERYTHING IS WORKING! If I have to drive all the way out there again just to show her how to check her email I will scream! She just has NO CLUE and is not willing to listen to my directions. So, I get home, already exhausted and frustrated with my day, to find THAT email and I could have destroyed the world. I plunk in my chair, seething with all kinds of language I can not remember. Gary is staring at me – and then, with a gentle smile he points to the calendar.

“Bad Ovary Month” Written right between the words July and 2008. You don’t believe me… just look!I can feel it – he is right! Damn that pisses me off. He looks at me and says, “Please go easy on me.” I clump down into my chair and pout. He grabs the keys. He takes me to Dairy Queen for a Super Large, Xtreme Chocolate with strawberry BLIZZARD. Now that is a GOOD HUSBAND! It tames the angry hormonal beast – at least until tomorrow morning. Then TOMORROW my ovaries get to learn some new moves at the shooting range with Pito! Goodness knows I got all kinds of imaginary faces to envision on those targets.


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