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Posted on June 23, 2008 - Filed Under self reflect

I was rummaging through a folder of stories and poetry I wrote in my late teens-early twenties. Most of it pretty far out there, much of it for college, and somewhat embarrassing. I considered posting them slowly anyways, since it was a lot of creative energy and I really can stand seeing it die in a folder deep in a drawer. [Who really wants a piece of themselves to die away anyway? Most of this helped me to survive my 20’s!]

I discovered one free prose piece, written on notebook paper, about my step-grandfather Bill whom I got to meet around the age of 22-24. He died a few years back, and our time together that year was short lived, however, I completely enjoyed getting to know him, despite this “hystory” between him and my step-dad.


72 years of wisdom in hiking boots
Face as funny as beans – with white whiskers
I wish he was mine
I wish I had known him sooner
He’s super tall – Like his name – BI
BIg, BIllowy

I think he likes to spend time with me
no Bibles like the grandparents I have
No sicknesses to make me feel sad
He asked me when we were going to start working out.
I don’t think he has ever had grandkids
I’ll be his if he wants, but we will do grown up things
He tells my mother he likes to spend time with me because
I’m a good babysitter
So is he.

[Picture is from Dan Soderberg’s Collection – Bill is at the top – in his early Days]


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