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We made it to 9

Posted on June 18, 2008 - Filed Under self reflect

We spent half our 9-year Anniversary at IADT teaching. My e-mail to Gary:

Happy Anniversary. I love you sOOOsOOOsOOO much! We made it to 9 YEARS!!!

His Response:

lol!!!!!! Happy Anniversary!!!!! I was going to say that to you this morning. I like how you said we MADE it to 9 years. Was this a hassle for you? 🙂

I smiled at the reply. How do I answer that and does it require an answer? I think if you could be a fly on the wall and listen to me teach Interpersonal Communications you would clearly hear that I love my husband, up, down, over, in, out, upside-down, and every-which-way. And there is no doubt that all those directions exist in any marriage, as it grows, gets bumpy, and changes. I share endless stories of the challenges, and they are not a hassle, they teach me something every time, either about me, or about us. Granted, sometimes I could use less of a thing or two, but I also know that I have too much fun with Gary not to be US.

Anyhow, before I make this into a long, rambling, philosophical journey of my perspectives on that simple question – let me just say – Nine YEARS!! That is one short of a decade. My skin isn’t as tight, I’ve added some pounds, my hair is working its way to being fuller again, I don’t think I am as cute as I used to be, but when I asked him what HE wanted for his anniversary, he did what he is so good at; He smiled and said, “you.” He keeps me believing I am THE HOTTEST chick in Florida, and by golly, sometimes he convinces me I am the HOTTEST chick on the planet. He offers to make me a quesadilla to show me he loves me (he takes great care of me), he never denies me any nooky – and I can bet he probably wants it more than I can handle, but he doesn’t complain. He drives the car so I can write, or study, or make calls. He takes amazing care of my kid, making him PRIMO Dad! He is cute, hilarious, and makes me laugh till I cry. He has a cute butt, busts ass as a web designer, he worries about me when I make him worry, AND did I mention he has a cute rear end?



One Response to “We made it to 9”

  1. Karl on June 26th, 2008 9:33 am

    Congrats on 9 years and happy anniversary. Can’t believe I’m just now finding your blog. Thanks, Twitter! And you’re in Orlando? I’m coming up there today!