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Posted on June 17, 2008 - Filed Under self reflect

We have had a lot of brief power outages lately due to late afternoon monsoons (I love them, but damn the clocks!) Of course, we eventually get lazy about resetting EVERY digital clock in the house, focusing on those that keep us functional. This morning, however, was bizarre; placing my mind in an Alfred Hitchcock film and a silent concern of what may happen next.

I failed to set my alarm properly. Last night when I got into bed I noted that my computer time was 12:23a and that my bedroom clock stated 1:14a – so I figured Gary reset the clocks and, in an effort to get me out the door on Wednesday mornings when we commute together to our teaching jobs at IADT, he moved the clock a bit forward. Fine.

My eyes popped open at 8:14am. My first inclination in the world of time is to look at the clock. I grunted, because that meant that my alarm will likely go off at 8:00pm. No fuss, I got time. I slid out of bed, my belly bulging with the midnight bowl of Muselik I ate last night, and slithered into the shower. One eye out of focus, the other barely open. I didn’t rush, all I need is a cup of coffee and a piece of bread and I am good. I dressed, put my sisters magic face oil on my face, swished the underarms with Asian Pear Deodorant, and made my way down stairs. I missed Gizmo’s morning ritual of sitting at the base of the stairs with his head on the step, waiting for a belly rub so I continued to the kitchen.

My usual habit is to make myself a nice warm cup of Hazelnut coffee (1/2caf and 1/2decaf) so that I can get some energy up for the rest of the day. I washed the dog’s bowls, filled the coffee maker, and as I pushed the button to start it, noted that the coffee-maker time was 8:14am. Hmmmm seen that before. Just a coincidence. I muffled a giggle and smiled. Funny.

As the coffee is brewing I head to the computer room to warm up my seat and the computer. It takes a good minute or two to fully start up. What do I see when I finally get the Vista desktop? You guessed it, 8:14am. Now, what in the universe is that about?

I guess I will have to keep you posted as to any other number thing going on today. You can bet my mind is awake to it now. I am also, officially, putting it in my calendar to look at 8/14. Maybe I will buy a Lottery ticket!


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