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Cruising Waters

Posted on June 1, 2008 - Filed Under self reflect

Certainly cruising is an interesting endeavor. As far as getting on and 20 verifications of who you are along the way to the ship, it turns out that good weather makes for fairly easy sailing. When I first got to our stateroom, I felt like I was in a catacomb, and for those people who love complete darkness, cruising and staterooms are the bomb! Once the ship set sail there is a gentle vibration. The sheets are so soft and cozy that even with a sunburn you feel swaddled! There is an endless variety of food, 24hours, so the temptation to eat is always there, and I can say that there were so many massive people on this ship I was startled. Perhaps cruising for the large is an excuse, or a way to eat too much. I have kept occupied off the ship at port, and at the bars with music, eating only what I need and food items that are not fried or to heavy. We bought enough dramamine to supply our whole party of 9, but have not had to pop a single pill. There is a little but of disorientation, and for me it gets worse if I think about it. Actually, I went to the gym with Gary one night and between walking the treadmill, looking out at the sea, and feeling the ship, I simply could not do more than 5 minutes without feeling like I would topple over. The bike seemed a bit more stationary and kept me from looking like a total nut job, stopping and holding myself steady every 5 minutes. How my mind likes to startle itself so much, I don’t know, but I find it completely annoying.

Actually, I have had a ridiculous amount of anxiety, and after the first night on the ship (and very little sleep) I decided to take half a Xanax to curb my constantly shaking hands and gut. Seems absolutely crazy, in my mind, that I would walk around with that much anxiety on a cruise. Yet, it has been there, loud and clear.

Our first night on the ship, taking off from Miami, included a wonderful dinner and then dancing Salsa at the Bolero with a live band. Justin and Carlos Arturo pretty much ran from one place to then next (the kids), poking around in places to see what there was. Taking the stairs up/down 12 flights makes for great exercise, and the ship even had a fitness room. I haven’t danced in ages, but I love Salsa music and I can’t help to bump along, shimming my hips in bare feet, along the dance floor. After two beers I finally got Gary to at least try dancing. A few times I asked him to let me lead, and that got us through a slow dance.

Nassau was full of busy little streets, vendors, and constant requests to braid my hair. I would walk with Gary and several times someone would say something to him about braiding his long Jesus-like mane, however it would hardly be worth the pay for them. At least one braid would likely take and hour. Me, I have such little hair that braiding it would only remind me how much space I have between each struggling follicle, and would likely leave me in tears. I kept my hat on constantly to assure I wouldn’t burn my scalp. Gary and I took a taxi with family to a public beach and the water was wonderful. There starts the sunburn story. Doesn’t matter how much sunscreen you slather on.


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