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Posted on May 26, 2008 - Filed Under self reflect

Yesterday I started with the sneezing. The wind was blowing so I expected I was just being “allergic” to the world and with a Claritin and a hot shower I would quickly recover. This morning I awoke to a stuffy right side. I figured that since I sleep on that side all night, that snooty stuff decided to have a keg party in the “Right” room of the house – so I anticipated that a little Sudafed and my home-made “shit-tea” should work wonders and I could carry on like usual. A little breakfast, and some quiet time to get caught up on work, and behold – the stuffy party moved it’s way to the front of my head, and ran ice-cubes down my spine. Needless to say, I’m not feeling so swell. Blog- or not to Blog? THAT is the question. No one cares if I am sniffling away, or feeling poopy. Of course, nothing inspiring besides a pile of Puffs, remnants of organic tomato soup and a peanutbutter and jelly sandwich on millet bread, and a pile of papers needing my attention. The pup, delivered home late this afternoon by my parents is snoozing at the back of the chair (his usual spot when I am not sitting on my big yoga ball chair) – gently pushing me to the edge of the seat so he can stretch.

So why is it I am always writing about the dog? Who knows?

I took the dog for a walk – briefly. I stand up and feel dizzy and tired. Anyhow, we fumbled off along our dead end street. Gizmo has a habit of peeing on any broken branches with leaves on it. So, he headed off to one particular big branch blown down from the recent winds and gave it a good smattering of urine (take that you branch, you!) and as I waited a gentle breeze lifted up, cool and comfortable. I love just standing breathing in the air and watching the leaves. I have some strange fascination with watching leaves move in the breeze. If I could lay all day under a big Maple or Aspen it would be heaven (provided it isn’t raining on me the whole time). So there I stood, face up towards the sky, breathing “allergy air” and watching the light play off the multitude of green leaves against a blue – husband colored eye – sky.

Now, if you are expecting some kind of drama in that story, such as suddenly getting a dollop of bird poop right on the schnoz – which would fit in dramatically with my running *sniff…sniff* nose, then I apologize for wasting your time on this entry. I was spared the shock and agony. I may have scared off all the birds in a half-mile radius with my exuberant sneezes anyhow. So, no drama there.

Instead, just a quiet moment between sniffling, feeling poopy, watching the dog pee, and wondering if I can get this icky in control before our cruise next week!

Oh – and this is just priceless… “ouch” <-- click


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