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Wahoo in FL

Posted on May 23, 2008 - Filed Under self reflect

I got my Wahoo! board today. Only farm boys from the Dakotas know about Wahoo!, unless they migrated to other states and taught some yo-yo’s how to play. I am an honorary yo-yo. Michael made the Wahoo board by hand, tenderly cutting divots into the hard wood, and painting layers of colors to keep players in their places. Since I couldn’t bring it home with me on my trip from Tucson, my mother brought it along. She had to give up her purse just for this wondrous gift! She poured everything from her purse into a carry on bag making an amalgamated disaster in the bottom of her luggage, JUST to make sure my Wahoo! board got here safely. She HAND CARRIED that big, sweet board, all the way from Tucson. Now it rests, in its colorful splendor, on the coffee table, singing Colorado Bullfrog lullabies, begging for a collection of shiny marbles to accompany it. Oh Michael, thank you, thank you, for my Wahoo! Board! Now to find some shiny marbles…


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