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Breakfast Dog

Posted on May 20, 2008 - Filed Under self reflect

While eating breakfast this morning I found Gizmo looking desperate to go out back. My son has a knack for working the little guy into a frenzy to get outside. Usually, when the weather is nice, we have a doggy door on the screen door so he can go in and out, however, now that it has gotten humid and uncomfortable outside, the sliding glass door has remained shut, and poor Gimzo doesn’t have the option of going out and chasing lizards and cats off our deck. Anyhow, all that Justin has to say is, “Go get ’em!” and Gizmo shoots across the room at lightning speeds to the back door to carry on a barrage of barking and growling at whatever creature might be bold enough to be sunning itself of our back porch. This morning, Justin had left for school, and Gary and I were eating breakfast, noting Mr. Red’s occasional visits to the frail little piece of bird food remaining on the feeder. Gizmo stared outside, whimpering and growling. We ignored him, until we noted that a squirrel was hanging like a seasoned acrobat on the feeder outside, pulling chunks off that pathetic little piece of bird food. Gimzo was enthralled, and the squirrel, seemed to swing and flash his tail, as if to say, “It’s my porch now, Mister Dog!” Gimzo was beside himself. He would look at us, then back at the squirrel, his ears demonstrating both the pain and pleasure of being so close, yet so far away, from another nature-made intruder just beyond the glass window.

We have been distressed at the lack of bird visitors since we got Gimzo last June. We grumble at Justin for encouraging Gizmo’s bad manners. I can understand getting flea-ridden feral cats off our deck, but the birds? All they do is eat and sing!


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