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What to write?

Posted on May 19, 2008 - Filed Under self reflect

I have actually been tickled AND look forward to posting every day. I think more because it gives me something to do that isn’t for anyone else but me. Blogging is a bit bigger a journey than I realized. I am finding between twitter.com and twittervision.com I bump into a “tweet” that is intriguing and I am tempted to follow it to a profile, then a website, then – if the writer is just as intriguing as the “tweet”, I burrow further down the rabbit hole and start READING. Who needs books? I am beginning to see that other people’s lives are way more interesting and real than fiction, and some writers make me laugh, self reflect, and actually ENCOURAGE me to tug at my words a little more so that when I blog, I try to be juicy about it.

If the clacking of my fingers on the keyboard were not an annoyance to my dear hubby, I would probably be blogging the moment my eyes snap open in the morning. I find my thoughts just full of poetry and fascinating detail. I know that is the best time to be writing, whether about dreams or just my own cantankerous early morning mental countdown before I really start thinking. Unfortunately, dragging my computer upstairs to toss words around would be found unacceptable. (I can barely get away with using my PDA or iPod in bed)

For several weeks I was carrying my camera with my all over. I would love to take pictures in class, just because it would be fun to look at things differently for a while. I wish I were bolder and braver and took pictures of some of the things I REALLY want to shoot – but I am too timid because it sometimes involves others. One afternoon, while sitting in the back of the van – my dad driving and Gary chatting away up front, and my son & a friend teasing each other from the back seats, I noted my skirt fluttering around in the breeze being blown in from the open windows. I shot a few seconds of that, mesmerized by how the material just danced in and out. Maybe I should include that here, for the sake of making a point. At least I knew my skirt wouldn’t be offended.


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