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Posted on May 11, 2008 - Filed Under self reflect

Jack, “Look at what I can do!” Justin, “Yeah – let me see.”
Jack, “Grrrrrrr!”
[Various superhero poses ensued…] Jack ran circles around us chattering adults, the dog skillfully dodging his little feet as he pounded from one end of the house to the other, occasionally pausing for a drink or to squeal loudly. Glow in the dark hulk underwear and a blue speedo. What a kid. Justin as patient as ever, running him around, putting up with pretend punches and an un-ending pursuit of being the center of attention. Once Jack sat for a round of cartoons, Justin and I broke out the scrabble board to start the game we were tempted to start at 1pm but were distracted by the need to make my 7-layer bean dip. Scrabble was full of the checks and balances of words, some we rarely use but work so hard to recall in order to get those coveted extra points. We stretched things, shuffling little blocks of letters, contemplating the most strategic place to draw out the words and get a 33 pointer. Ultimately, we used EVERY SINGLE TILE in the bag, and I won by 18 points or so. Justin managed to play the entire game with 10 tiles and I with 9, not realizing the discrepancy until I noted that his last tile was teetering on the edge of the tile wedge, waiting to be blown over with an enthusiastic stroke of linguistic magic. This is how most my day was spent – playing with words – literally.


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