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Friday Errands

Posted on May 9, 2008 - Filed Under self reflect

Justin and I spent most the afternoon together, pulling him out of school for yet another follow up with the Dr. We were starving and went to get some Sushi. Kinda fun picking out Sushi with your twelve-year-old who is taller than you, and noting his ability to suck down raw fish with Wasabi on top, while I cringe in fear. What a man he is growing into, and now he “gets” me in a new kind of way which is fun for me. I have the same laid back humor with him as I do with my sister. We put a good 130 miles on the car today, and enjoyed almost 3 whole episodes of Mysterious Universe. Justin loves it just as much as I do, and it has gotten to be our thing in the car to break out my iPod and crank up MU. Then there is Chess Night with the Zelners. This is the first time in months that Justin has wanted to go to chess night, so I indulged him. He got to play Chess with “FLAT STAN” a traveling man whose ultimate destination is back to the 1st grade classroom from whence he came. I loved watching one of the games he played with one of the adults. Justin kept looking at me and mouthing that he was winning. She had 6 white pieces on the board and he only his king. He ran her around the board, dancing around her bishop and queen until her clock ran out – making him the winner! I didn’t realize, thinking to myself, isn’t she going to just TAKE HIM? Nope – Justin loves psyche people out – just like my dad. On the way home we stopped at a light and Justin began laughing, “Burger King needs to learn how to spell!” He pointed out the Burger King sign and we spent the next 5 minutes in the car giggling hysterically as we tried out saying the word “newstaekhouseburger” with different accents. Justin does a kickin Schwarzenegger!


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