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Scares in Threes?

Posted on May 6, 2008 - Filed Under self reflect

Last night I had a horrible night trying to sleep. I felt as if people kept coming in and out of my room, and at one point I sat up in bed and demanded, “Give me a flipping break!” Gary kept shaking the bed, there were all kinds of noises. Needless to say, I could use a nap already. I woke at 7:15am or so and after tossing for another half hour decided it was just too much.

My email had a message from my mother stating that my sister was rushed to the hospital last night with pain in her arm and and chest. My heart sunk as I realized how much I wish we were living closer to each other and how little time we get together. In a panic I called my mom (waking her at probably 6am her time) to ask for an update. She said Monica had been released from the hospital and was resting at home.

A close friend of mine is going in today to have preliminary work on uterine cancer – stage 3. She, like me, is at high risk for cancer, and several weeks ago when she told me she had been avoiding the GYN and missed her annual (just like me – it has been 2 years but I finally went before my trip to Tucson) she said the doctor had found something that looked like cancer. After some tests it was confirmed. She is having a hysterectomy.

My fairy god-mother is going in to have some valves in her heart repaired. All these high-risk health issues are just killing me, and I don’t think it does much for my mood. The possibility that someone I love dearly could die is almost too much. Is this a reminder that life is too short to be grumbling about what is going on with me and life? Am I supposed to lighten up? Either way, I am hoping no other crazy news comes my way about this stuff from any other loved ones. Monica better get her ass on straight because I can’t handle anything bad going on with her – at all!!


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