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Posted on April 20, 2008 - Filed Under self reflect | Comments Off on FAQs

I was blogging and twitting around, exploring the minds of countless others I haven’t met and found a FAQ page for a blogger and was intrigued… 100 things to know (or not to know). The author actually used some fun long words that after being awake till 4am and then awakening at 8:30am just didn’t […]

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Tucsonian quietude

Posted on April 17, 2008 - Filed Under self reflect | Comments Off on Tucsonian quietude

I took my trip to hang with Monica for two weeks (well ALMOST 2 weeks – I took 4 days to hang with Grandpa & San Diego Family). .. and the quiet rumble of wind through the saguaros, the bonging of deep gutteral chimes, and the blasting sunlight at early dawn are being missed tremendously. […]

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