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Tucsonian quietude

Posted on April 17, 2008 - Filed Under self reflect

I took my trip to hang with Monica for two weeks (well ALMOST 2 weeks – I took 4 days to hang with Grandpa & San Diego Family). .. and the quiet rumble of wind through the saguaros, the bonging of deep gutteral chimes, and the blasting sunlight at early dawn are being missed tremendously. I was so at peace to be with her and take a break from life as it is exists daily.

I painted, I played, I read, I slept… I listened to lots of nothing, watched shadows move through the night and early mornings. I took deep breaths of desert and flowers, and dipped my toes in tepid icy pools at Milagrosa Canyon. There is a whole other side of me with Monica, one I miss already….

I think I have forgotten how to play and being with Monica really helps me get with the program. I miss Wahoo… I also was giften “Wreck This Journal” to which my collections continue to be added and I continue to discover little messages from little sis…



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