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Roadside Splendor

Posted on April 30, 2008 - Filed Under self reflect

I scream past so many things while driving from work, to appointments, to clients, to events, etc. During the last week I have passed by this fenced in plot of land several times, admiring the way it explodes with color while the rest of the terrain is green or brown. It has caught my eye several times, and as I slow to gaze for just a moment, I have swerved or annoyed following drivers. Today I decided to make my trip, filled with errands and a return from the dentist 55 miles away, a bit longer, risking two bags of groceries and frozen strawberries, just so I could enjoy the scene standing in a quiet spot.

As I stood at the side of the road I could hear all those hidden creatures fluttering, buzzing, and carrying on in the flood of flowers. Then… the growing sound of tires as cars zipped by, oblivious to the amazing dance of flowers, trees, and insects in front of me and my camera.

Just how fast does life scream by? It is mid week and yesterday was Sunday!


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