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Posted on April 29, 2008 - Filed Under self reflect

This morning I awoke with the faint residual visions of my dream-walks hovering in my mind. The details were scattered, however I remember becoming a rabbit and knowing that I was immensely hungry. I had a rabbit friend and we stole into a garden of a big wooden white-washed house almost like a traditional farmhouse. I found carrots and seemed unable to figure out how to get to them. As I munched on the leaves I began tugging and “discovered” the root which pleased me a lot. I began pulling up carrots and eating the sweet crunchy roots. Suddenly the farmer emerged, yelling for us to stop destroying his garden.

Another piece of my dream involved approaching a library, standing out in the middle of a hill. It is a lot like the library in Pleasant Valley, NY. The hills in the distance with trees, the barren area around the building. I had been told that a friend of mine, who has just had a baby, Leia, is there. As I approach I see her carrying her baby. She come down the stairs and meets me on the lawn. I greet her and she shows me her baby who looks content and smiles, then her face contorts into distress and she cries. Leia bumps her up and down on her hip and she returns to looking happy but just as soon as she is smiling and cooing, she returns to looking distressed. Leia tells me that she has not eaten all day and they are returning home to feed her. I wonder to myself why she doesn’t nurse her so that she doesn’t feel hungry. She leaves quickly.

As I get closer to the library, I look off to my left, into the distance night sky and see a meteoroid or falling star. It streaks from the top down towards the earth so fast and long that I think to myself that it is spectacular. I grab the arm of the person with whom I am walking to look and they miss the streak but see as it suddenly lights up the sky as it hits the earth. We are startled, and gasp. We feel as though things will never be the same. From the dark red glow we see off in the distant hills a plume of smoke moves straight up into the sky and then layers of explosions emerge, one above the next. We hurry inside and are met with a party of people.

I see Shannon of Piney Hollow, and with her is a presence of McKenzie. (in real life, young McKenzie died traveling to California to visit her brother). Everyone seems absorbed in their social connections. Shannon has a message for me but I don’t recall what it is…


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