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Foliage Festival

Posted on April 27, 2008 - Filed Under self reflect

After Perkins I dragged Gary to the Apopka Annual Foliage Festival to pickup useless piles of flyers and freebies from local businesses and analyze the flats of foliage and flowers. Of course, I have a brown thumb. My mother’s knack for growing things green is something I did not inherit. Anything living in my home is by choice and pure endurance, as I can go months forgetting to water and the plants I have hang on regardless of the Evelyn-drought. I LOVE plants, but if doesn’t have a will of it’s own it may as well stay at the nursery.

I encountered a man with a series of sticks, each painted with a dollop of color to indicate what I might expect to emerge once thrown in the dirt and watered on occasion. The cost for one stick was half the cost of three… so I gave it a go.
Carefully unwrapping my experiment I tossed them on the floor for a looksee. Hmmmm….

Isn’t this what you do with sticks? Some leftover popcorn from last nights movie and viola – verbiage…


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